Transport Phenomena Archive

The Transport Phenomena Archive is a space for collaborative development of educational resources related to transport phenomena, with an initial focus on materials processing and performance. Archive resources live in a subversion version control server with this wiki front-end such that visitors may easily browse and download materials. The Archive is open for contributions, corrections and general comments, and frequent contributors will be given accounts on the server to upload and modify materials.

The following teaching materials may be downloaded from the Archive:

  • Problems/exercises (109) for undergraduates and graduate students
  • Resources (24) including equations, how-to style handouts, and descriptions of this Archive
  • Readings (2) with descriptive discussions of concepts for students at various skill levels
  • Pedagogical materials (6) on everything from course organization to instruction philosophy, including ABET documents
  • Courseware (5) for interactive modeling of transport phenomena

Several auxiliary pages describe the Archive in more detail:

We are trying to document the use of this resource. If you use or have used the Archive, please let us know how you use it by sending email to Adam Powell. Comments, suggestions and other feedback ore most welcome.

Coming soon: new computational materials and/or thermodynamics sections!

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